The Hockey Think Tank Podcast

Episode 12 - Mike Boyle

December 10, 2018

On this episode of The Hockey Think Tank Podcast...we speak with Jeff's idol in the Strength and Conditioning world, Mike Boyle. Mike is a world renowned strength coach out of the Boston area that has worked with BU, the Boston Red Sox, the Bruins, and many athletes that are at the top of their sport. Mike talks about guys like Joe Thornton, Jack Eichel, and Mike Sullivan...and things that set them apart from their peers.  You can listen to the pod or find Mike's website ( to learn about some of the other high level hockey players he's coached...and there are MANY. We learned a ton about his journey, all the championships he's been a part of, and what makes him one of the best in the world. Thank you again for tuning in, please subscribe, give us a rating, and provide a review.

*Opening music: Forget the Whale - Take to the Skies (Instrumental)

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