The Hockey Think Tank Podcast

Episode 143 - Rich Cohen

February 1, 2021

On this episode of the Hockey Think Tank podcast, we bring on Rich Cohen...a New York Times best selling author who just came out with his latest book book "Pee-Wee: Confessions of a Hockey Parent". This episode was a lot of fun where we discuss the craziness and hilarity of being a hockey parent through the lens of Rich's book where he chronicled an entire youth hockey season.

This episode was full of laughs, hilarious stories, along with some great insight and perspective on being a hockey parent.  We think you are going to absolutely love this episode!

Thank you to our title sponsor, GELSTX (, our drill sponsor, our training sponsor TrainHeroic...and thank you to all of our listeners! Have fun with this one!

*Opening music: Forget the Whale - Take to the Skies (Instrumental)

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