The Hockey Think Tank Podcast

Episode 26 - Bob Mancini

January 28, 2019

On this episode of the Hockey Think Tank Podcast, we talk with USA Hockey's Bob Mancini.  If you really want to get behind the curtain of USA's governing body for the greatest sport on the planet, you are going to love this conversation.  Bob was extremely open and candid regarding USA Hockey's decisions and rollouts - some that have been really popular...and some not so much.  We talk about the ADM, cross-ice hockey, the tryout rule, how youth hockey is becoming a business and "industry", and Bob's travels around the world as a coach and mentor for USA Hockey.  This was a really fun, informative conversation and we think it's really cool to hear straight from the people at USA Hockey themselves.  Thank you again for listening!!

*Opening music: Forget the Whale - Take to the Skies (Instrumental)

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